A “Duh!” Moment with Coded UI Tests and the GridView

So you created your coded UI tests generating more and more data as you progressed. And then you run your very first tests incorporating a GridView–and they fail!

Of course they fail as the GridView item that was clicked when recording the test has now been pushed down to a different row. Usually UI changes are no problem because coded UI tests locate an UI object by it’s ID–but the ID has changed, too. That’s because the GridView has to generate it’s objects IDs based on their placement in it’s columns and rows. So the UI object’s ID may have changed from ctl00_m_g_b19d521f_a605_448d_958f_104697223a0c_mySPGridView_ctl03_ctl01 to ctl00_m_g_b19d521f_a605_448d_958f_104697223a0c_mySPGridView_ctl03_ctl03.

That’s not a complaint but just a reminder. And of course this will apply to other controls implementing the INamingContainer interface like Repeater or ListView, too.

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One Response to A “Duh!” Moment with Coded UI Tests and the GridView

  1. ElCorbo says:

    Perfect example of what I am dealing with…have you discovered any great solutions? Thanks!

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