Visual Studio 2012 Has a New List Designer for SharePoint – Stay Away From It

I was happy to find a list designer for SharePoint in Visual Studio 2012 – and then I used it:

  • you cannot set essential list properties like disable folder creation or use of content types
  • it does not support calculated fields at all
  • no support when specifying lookup fields – you have to type in the names
  • you cannot see whether a field title is internationalized – you just notice you somehow cannot edit it
  • typing a reference to an internationalized title results in an error message for every character – you have to complete the reference in an editor to keep your mental sanity
  • most of the time it cannot read internationalized titles fast enough and shows the reference instead of the title
  • the XML it creates is a total mess

To end on a more positive note: Notepadd++ with XML Tools creates legible XML in one click (“Plugins” > “XML Tools” > “Pretty print (XML only – with line breaks)”)!

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